Sorry folks after 10 years plus, is retiring.


I always ran this site for the love of surfing, never for profit, it was about collecting all the info I needed in one place to increase my likely hood of scoring some great waves, but it‘s become increasingly clear to me that the waters getting more and more crowded as folks new to surfing discover the same passion I discovered years ago, and for that I‘m pleased.

However the internet has made it to easy for folks to score waves without much effort, the chase has in the most part been removed, as someone will always tell you it‘s on via txt, share a picture via twitter, instagram or facebook, they might even go old school and phone (Ok, yes on a mobile), and they will most likely have gone to look in the first place as a result of an internet forecast.

So is technology bad, absolutely not, has it made us lazy, maybe, has it robbed some of the soul of surfing from us, that hunt/chase for waves, almost certainly.

So I've decided to step out, in the long run it won't make any difference to folks, but to me it means chasing and not reporting waves, it's going back to the core of what is an individual sport.

I hope you score some great waves this winter, I'm certainly planning to.

Catch you out there smiling…dave

published: 20/10/2013